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Citati iz filmov
Bojevnik lahko zamenja svoje orožje, ne pa tudi srca. (Film John Carter)
"Dude you have a tatoo?"
"Dude you have one too!" (Film Dude where's my car)
I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. (Film The Godfather - Don Corle)
What do you prefer more? Boosting cars or having sex?
What about having sex while boosting cars? (Film Gone in 60 seconds - Ange)
Be sure your sin will find you out! (Film Numbers 32:23)
Fiona: Shrek?
Obuti maček: For you baby, I could be!
Our Business is Life Itself. (Film Resident evil)
Stevo: Do you love her?
Bob: I don't know. I'd have to think about that.
Stevo: It's not really a thinking question. (SLC Punk!)
Hasta la vista baby. (Terminator)
The men may be the head of the house but the women are the neck and they can turn the head anyway they want. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
Tyler Draven: Do you believe in God?
Tim Timmonds: Timmonds nods his head.
Tyler Draven: Well, he doesnt believe in you! (Fireball 2010)
Hamlet: Hey Claudius! You killed my father! Big mistake!
Narrator: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and Hamlet is taking out the trash.
Old Man: Stay thy hand, fair prince.
Hamlet: Who said I'm fair?
Narrator: No one is going to tell this sweet prince good night.
Hamlet: To be or not to be? Not to be. (Last Action Hero)
You don't even realize how incredibly fucked the situation is, huh? (After sex (2007))
You don't have to like me. You don't even have to love me. But you will respect me. (Kelis - Boddy)
You gave up on me. That's why you didn't say yes! You didn't think I could do it! (One Tree Hill)
You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, He hates you. (Fight Club)
You must never hesitate. (The Rock)
You think I care, I don't I don't play your rules. I make my own! (Pink - 'Cuz I Can)
You're on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know. (The Rock)
Should've, could've, would've... but didn't. (Fireball (2010))
Burning people that you hate, is a feeling that is great. (D-Fact)
If you recall, Will, our last collaboration ended rather messily. (Hannibal Lecter)
Protect What's Yours! (Death Sentence (2010))
Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith: There's a plan in everything, kid, and I love it when a plan comes together. (The A-Team (2010))
You can't fight fate. (Law Abiding Citizen (2009))
You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. (Snatch (2000))
Even being the best is not enough. You have to inspire. Some kind of fear, any kind of fear. (Animal (2005))
Man is allowed to do anything... if he's protecting his family. You know I'm right! (The Cleaner (2007))
Mercy? Sorry, all out of mercy! (Ghostrider (2007))
Who's gonna clean you up?! (The Cleaner (2007))
Resistance is futile. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Because the person who wrote that is dangerous. (Fight Club (1999))
What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down. (Alicia - Karma)
I'm just getting warmed up... (Law Abiding Citizen (2009))
Just as every cop is a criminal... and all the sinners saints... (Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones)
All the ways you wish you could be, that's me.
I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck,
I am smart, capable, and most importantly,
I'm free in all the ways that you are not. (Fight Club (1999))
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time. (Fight Club (1999))
There is something inside, that they cant get to it, they cant touch. Its yours. Hope. (The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. (The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Kevin Costner: V statičnih položajih sem zanič. Noge mi zaspijo. (Frank Farmer - Telesni stražar (2004))
1. The only way to get smarter, is to play a smarter opponent.

2. The more sophisticated the game, the more sophisticated the opponent.

(These are the only two given "rules". The following are a part of the equation.)

The bigger the environment, the easier to control.

Find the opponent's weakness. Give them just a little of what they think they want so the opponent simply distracts their victim by getting them consumed by their own consumption.

The bigger the trick and the older the trick, the easier to pull.

Eventually when the opponent is challenged or questioned, means the victim's investment, and thus his intelligence, is questioned. (Revolver (2006))
There is something about yourself that you don't know. (Revolver (2006))
Človek se za krivico maščuje, pes pa, čeprav je trpinčen, ostane prijazen. (Animal planet (TV))
Fear is a place. (Session 9 (2001))
If you're not one of us, you're a victim! (Shank (2010))
V ljubezni ni nikoli povoda za opravičilo. (Ljubezenska zgodba)
You must take extreme care! (Fireball (2009))
Blonde, black, or red head, with my nails done or undone, over a red carpet or the sand of Salgar I always always love you. (Shakira)
Danes je začetek preostanka mojega življenja. (Fight Club (1999))
John Ryder: Feels good, doesn't it? (The Hitcher (2007))